Watson Party – Watson


17 mar


17 March

Watson on Quarantine but beer is free! Beer share 1+1=3


8 mar


8 March

Dr.Watson love ladies! And he ready for their deeds! For Example : to weld a new beer Weissbier with fruit notes, tender and fresh, as a sea breeze! Champagne is also good on such a day…..but Weissbier!!!- this is love from the first sip! And let’s sing, dance, and eat delicious!


14 Feb


Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day 2019 in Watson Pub a passionate lover made a proposal to his girl! What can be better? Guys – don’t lose! Girls, book a table and HE will offer a hand, a heart and a ring) t 050 421 22 28


1 Jan


Hangover party

A hangover party at Watson Pub! We treat with beer, works:

*Dj “Morozko”
*MC “return the memory”
*bartender “take out the binge”