Watson Party – Watson


14 Feb


Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day 2019 in Watson Pub a passionate lover made a proposal to his girl! What can be better? Guys – don’t lose! Girls, book a table and HE will offer a hand, a heart and a ring) t 050 421 22 28


1 Jan


Hangover party

A hangover party at Watson Pub! We treat with beer, works:

*Dj “Morozko”
*MC “return the memory”
*bartender “take out the binge”



31 Dec


New Year

31 of december at 22:00 Lady and gentlemen, Dr. Watson is in a hurry to invite you to meet the
New Year at the Watson Pub residence:
*We play and joke with the captain of the team “Favorite City” Sergei Belokhonovim.
*Sing with Ms. Olga Snegurochka
*Dance with Mr. Frost
*We treat the New Year’s lamb!




New Year corporate party

Dr.Watson is waiting for everyone who has worked all year, to celebrate its end in a fun way!
Invites your colleagues, successful managers of middle and high level, as well as guests of all
respected professions!