Dr Watson Brewery – Watson

The traveller and inventor Dr.Watson thanks to his experience and knowledge that he received in travels around the world, opened the laboratory “Watson Pub” in the city of Kharkiv at the address Ybileinyi 56 (former Baker Street). As a result of his experiments, he invented 6 own varieties of kraft beer welding according to the law on the purity of beer in 1516. Dr.Watson offers unfiltered and unpasteurized kraft made of Weyermann malt, spring water and Magnum and Mandarina Bavaria hops, recognized by the authoritative Ukrainian Brovars! Dr.Watson brewery maintains the atmosphere of an English pub that envelops you with the warmth and comfort created by the elegant British interior, while Chef and Miss Hudson treat Bavarian dishes.
In England, there is a well-known award “Gold does not require gilding”, so “Watson Pub” does not need complementary phrases, but deserves the title of the best in the city!
Watson – love from the first sip!